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Dec 3, 2007
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Why Use Vidlock?

If you own a website which offers audio or video files, how many of the following statements are true?
  • People can illegally share your content on P2P networks resulting in lost sales.
  • Users sign up for accounts, download all your content and then cancel their subscription. The more unscrupulous ones inform their credit card company they never actually subscribed resulting in a costly chargebacks.
  • You could earn money by selling videos (or audio files) individually, but don't have a way to do this.
  • A market exists for users to rent your content in a Pay-Per-View model, but you lack the means to make this work.
If any of these statements are true, Vidlock is the solution for you.

How Vidlock Works

Vidlock uses Microsoft's Powerful DRM technology to protect your files. This is the system used by the major music and movie studios to protect their content. Use the same system that Napster, Amazon, Yahoo Music and others use.

After your files have been protected, anyone running Windows that has Windows Media Player installed can utilize Vidlock's protection system. When a user downloads a file, you specify how many times the file can be played, and how long it can be played for.

If a user copies the file to another computer, attempts to play the file will display a web browser that displays a url on your website instead of playing the file. Now you can gain users when people pirate your content through viral marketing.

How Do I Start?

Register for a free account by clicking on the Sign-Up link. Simply create a username/password and specify your email address to create the account.

Download our encoding application which allows you to protect your content.Unlike other services that require you to upload all your video files to their servers, Vidlock allows you to encode all your files on your own systems.

Set the usage rules for your content. How long can an item be played for? How many times can it be played? These rules can be changed at any time.

Add a simple html page to your website with a custom Vidlock link. Users will be driven to this page when they first attempt to play one of your files. If the page is in a protected location, only registered users can view the page. On the page is a simple hyperlink which delivers a "license" allowing the content to be played.
You can add DRM to your website in under 10 minutes.

What does it cost?

Vidlock offers Free accounts that allow you to issue up to 50 licenses per month. Craete an account immediately by simply selecting a username and password (no billing information needed).

Vidlock Basic Accounts allow up to 30,000 license requests per month and costs $24.99. No long term commitments needed, cancel anytime.

*Note, signing up for lots of free accounts to get around paying for a Basic subscription can result in your accounts being revoked

*Note, accounts showing a ratio greater than 5 license requests to 1 license delivered (meaning they are generally being used for P2P advertising) will be automatically converted to Ad accounts with the 15% rake.